The N-Connex Bolt is a high-powered Access Point that is used to provide WiFi Connectivity to the Network.

The Bolt supports 802.11 b/g and n protocols.

The Bolt is a compact unit that is designed to be easily installed and connected to a range of antennae. In most situations, an omni-directional antennae is directly connected to the Bolt. This will provide strong WiFi signals level up to 200m in all directions from the Bolt. We can also make use of alternate directional Antennae, where required, that can provide signals up to 800m from the Bolt in specific directions.

The Bolt is connected via our Cat6 Ethernet cable to the N-Connex Distribution or Edge modules. By utilising our PoE Network Extenders we can position a Bolt Access Point up to 400m from either the Distribution or Edge modules. This potentially enables one of these modules to effectively cover large areas or up to 1km of underground travel-ways.


N-Connex Bolt Datasheet – (PDF)